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Blocked and overflowing gutters can lead to expensive home repairs and if ignored can create a real health risk. Gutter cleaning can greatly reduce that risk. 
A clear and functional gutter system will discretely and effectively drain the rainwater from your roof. But just like a flowing river, if there’s a build-up of debris and muck it will likely cause a blockage and the progressive flow of water to eventually pour over and onto the ground below. 
Not only can this cause a mess below with soggy moss and scattered twigs across your patio, it’s also one of the main reasons dampness is found around the base of homes and buildings. The cost to treat and cure penetrating damp is certainly more expensive than a regular gutter clean. 
Penetrating damp caused by poor gutter maintenance will cause mould and mildew to grow and spread across and through the brickwork causing issues within the property such as flaking plaster and walls, crumbling mortar, mould, and poses a real risk to your health. Especially to infants and the elderly. 
A regular gutter clean greatly reduces these risks and can give you peace of mind. 
How often should I clear my gutters? 
It’s recommended that Gutter Cleaning should be done twice a year, once before winter - around November time, and again in the spring.  
For some homes and properties an annual gutter clean can be enough. Always have your gutters at least checked before going into the winter to avoid any problems further down the line. 
How can gutters become blocked? 
The main cause of blocked gutters is moss that has broken away from the roof tiles and fallen into the gutter. Larger pieces of moss can cause down-pipe blockages too which can be more costly that your regular gutter clearance. 
You can avoid down-pipe blockages by installing down pipe guards. These allow for water to flow whilst keeping debris out. 
Leaves, twigs, and bird mess also contribute. Consider gutter guard to keep out falling leaves and moss and a down-pipe filter to allow water to flow whilst preventing any obstructions with the down-pipe and swan neck section. 
How can you clear your gutters? 
Of course, you could grab your ladder and bucket and do it yourself, but there’s always a risk of injury when using ladders unaccompanied. Plus, do you really want your hands in all that muck? 
You’re better off employing a professional company to clear your gutters from the ground using a gutter vacuum system fitted with an inspection camera to ensure a complete and thorough clean. 
When having your gutters cleaned it’s also good practise to have your seals and joints checked and if needed replaced with new. Another top tip to keep your home damp-proof! 
One final tip. You yourself can spot where your gutters could be leaking or overflowing. Look for mould, algae, or damp patches around the base of your property, this is a sign that your gutters are in need of some care and maintenance. 
Quick recap: 
1. Have your gutters checked and cleared at least once a year. 
2. Employ a professional company, ideally one that uses a gutter vacuum for a complete and thorough clean. 
3. Consider gutter guards to help keep out leaves and twigs and in turn prevent blockages. 
4. Check your joints and seals yearly to make sure your gutter system is watertight. 
5. Check the base of your property for damp spots and algae growth caused by dripping gutters. 
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