About The Service:  

Home owners often overlook the impact a dirty, mossy roof can make to the appearance of their property.  
At ProTeam Cleaning we are fully equiped and able to perform professional and ultra-effective roof cleans, all done without ever stepping on your roof.  
Our roof cleans begin with a full clean and scrape to remove all moss and vegetation, which is then followed by an application of our ultra effective anti-fungal and anti-moss treatmentt, this will clean and brighten the tiles by dissolving any remaining dirt and grime, it will also neautralise stubborn lichen and microscopic moss spores. This treatment will also act as a preventative measure by sterilising the tiles, making it impossible for rapid regrowth. 
Our roof cleaning team are comprehensively trained in health and safety and IPAF certified to operate our mobile work platforms, this enables us to clean from above without ever stepping on the roof or breaking tiles, giving you a truly professional, preicse and effective roof clean.  
All roof cleans come with a complimentary gutter clean too! 


“Wow, wow, wow! My roof honestly looks like its new. Thank you to PTC for their hard work and brilliant customer service! Could not recommend enough!" 
Tom, Ashford, Kent 
“Excellent work - Our roof was smothered is moss and lichen but the guys at ProTeam done a great job of removing its all and completely changing the colour of the tiles - they look new!" 
Lisa, Gillingham, Kent 
Scrape-only cleans' available 
No walking on the roof tiles  
No high pressure cleaning 
Free gutter clean with every clean 
07541 757383 
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